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    Sometimes I doodle and post them to Twitter first instead of here because they’re usually pretty quick and done in free time.  Here’s a collection of that plus art for a friend :>

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    rampaigehalseyface asked: Your work is adorable! I thought I should point out, though, that your storenvy link in the header of your tumblr seems to be misspelled.


    Wah thank you!  And also thank you for pointing that out, should be fixed now.  :>

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    So remember these little type illustrations I made a little while back?  I finally got around to turning them into pins!  I’m really really excited about them, and have made them available to purchase on my very own Store Envy!  I have a few in stock and ready to go right now, but otherwise, each pin will be made to order and shipped to you, where ever you may be in the world.  Get them while you can, but if not, please spread the word and give my shop a watch for updates and new designs that will already be available really really really soon!

    I’m so stoked and these are very enjoyable to make.  I hope you like them too!

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    Part of an assignment for class, but I only really liked this part!  Festivals and outdoor shows are some of the best parts of summer.

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    micks-satanic-majesties-request asked: How long have you been making digital art?


    Geez, I think I got my first bootlegged copy of Photoshop 7 when I was in freshman year of high school?  If you want to go even further, I was using open canvas in middle school!  Right now I use PS CS6.  I’ve been using digital programs to make my art for a long, long time, but I still always try to incorporate hand made elements to my work when I can!  

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    Hey guys, so I finally got myself an InPrnt!  I’ve been meaning to put together a shop for a while, and InPrnt seemed like the way to go.  I have a small handful of prints available right now, but if there’s anything you guys would like to see up there, let me know!

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    Got the chance to make a mock gig poster for class!  Since The Black Keys are coming to Minneapolis in October, this seemed like a good opportunity.  All the information on there is correct (but the price sure isn’t.) 

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    Was playing around at work with some type, and had enough time tonight between freelance to color them up!  I have a bunch of shrinky dink paper and I’m thinking real hard about turning these into little brooches…

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