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Sticker Zine will be out on May 5 2014!

Two big announcements for today: Sticker Zine will be available for sale starting on May 5th directly from the NRMLC Store! It’s a phenomenal publication that we’ve been working on with Ann Macarayan and 25 different artists!

Each artist gave us a set of stickers and an illustrated banner to put on each page. We then split those out into half-letter sized spreads for YOU to put on whatever you want! The full list of artists is on the Sticker Zine blog! Check it out!

It’ll be available for $20 from our store. We’re also selling “MYSTERY PACKS” with two spreads for $5. We’ll pick two random sheets to stick in an envelope and ship them straight to you!

ALSO: the NRMLC Store is in the process of moving to Storenvy! To celebrate this momentous occasion, you can have FREE SHIPPING on everything in the store on May 5th only!


The Storenvy shop is currently open at, but you can’t buy anything yet. BOOKMARK IT THO CAUSE THIS IS GONNA BE HUGE!

THAT’S IT! I’ll post again when we get closer to the launch date. I am INCREDIBLY excited about Sticker Zine and I hope you are too!

Hey guys!  Huge news!  Sticker zine is out on MAY 5TH, which will also be the day that the new NRMLC Store Envy opens!  To celebrate, there will be free shipping all day on May 5th, meaning you can get Sticker Zine fresh off the press with no shipping cost! 

Please get it if you can!  It looks amazing and everyone did an incredible job.  I am so happy with how it turned out!

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My roommate, Allie, brought her kitties up here from Louisiana and they’ve been a joy.  Joey is tall and handsome and Sophie is a rollie pollie bean.

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The Minneapolis College of Art and Design has partnered with University of MN Bee Squad to install beehives on MCAD’s roof. Find out more about their “Hive to Bottle Program” here:

Check it out you guys!  My bee logo got printed onto the beehive boxes!  So cool~

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Your eyes get stung by the rays of the sinking sun.

Morning Phase is good.  Beck is really good.

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Here is the cover for Sticker Zine!! More updates real soon!!!

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This is completely different from what I usually do, but I’m taking a graphic design class this semester and our current assignment is to create a hypothetical mascot for my school.  Bees are cute and I’m really proud of these so far!

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supremeleaks asked: Do you make animation drawings for people?


I do simple cycles just for fun, but I am no way qualified or skilled enough to do any full length or complex animation! :O  I also just do em for me.

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Third map for senior project.  Kyoto this time. :>

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