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My roommate, Allie, brought her kitties up here from Louisiana and they’ve been a joy.  Joey is tall and handsome and Sophie is a rollie pollie bean.

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The Minneapolis College of Art and Design has partnered with University of MN Bee Squad to install beehives on MCAD’s roof. Find out more about their “Hive to Bottle Program” here:

Check it out you guys!  My bee logo got printed onto the beehive boxes!  So cool~

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Your eyes get stung by the rays of the sinking sun.

Morning Phase is good.  Beck is really good.

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Here is the cover for Sticker Zine!! More updates real soon!!!

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This is completely different from what I usually do, but I’m taking a graphic design class this semester and our current assignment is to create a hypothetical mascot for my school.  Bees are cute and I’m really proud of these so far!

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supremeleaks asked: Do you make animation drawings for people?


I do simple cycles just for fun, but I am no way qualified or skilled enough to do any full length or complex animation! :O  I also just do em for me.

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Third map for senior project.  Kyoto this time. :>

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So this is cool: I’m doing a collection of maps for my senior project class at MCAD!  I’m going to be illustrating a bunch of cities, and then hopefully compiling them into a calendar before my graduation in the Fall.  I guess you can call this a huge year long project, something I’ve never done before but am super stoked to continue!  It’s gonna keep me on my toes for sure. 

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